Next litter

Let me introduce our next litter!


Bonett Bride Now or Never “Emily”
Emily lives with my good friend. She has a wonderful temperament, she has everything what the “Golden retriever” breed means. I am so grateful for her co-owner, who takes such good care of her!

Trubliss Only Love Can Save You “Harvey”
The first time I met him he was only 3 months old! Of course all puppies are full of energy at this age, but he had something special….and he kept it ever since! I am lucky that I could meet him several times and we travelled together to the UK and visited Crufts, more than 2000 kms, with 6 males together…..and he didn’t have a wrong step! I was sure that I need his temperament, he has something special in his character, you feel it when you meet him! Harvey knows well Love Can Save You!

The temperament is one of the most important thing for me! Can’t wait what to see the result of this lovely combination! Thank you Eszter for letting him to be a little part of the Bonett Bride kennel history!

The advert is made by Oliver, thank you very much!! I love it!

Enquires are welcome, as I was not sure that we will mate Emily this year, my waiting list is full open! Feel free to contact me!