O’Neil 15

Happy 15th Birthday to our sweetest O’Neil – Bossa Nova de Ria Vela

In memoriam Flopy

So….when we say….once in a lifetime dog…. definitely he was, my legend…all my dog friends, non dog friends and all my colleagues know this name! Without him I would have never met my close friends, father, godmother and godfather of my son, never know my true love, which I thought would never come, and never […]

Hard Dog Race

“Six legs, two hearts, one pride” Hard Dog Race – Base, Hungary

In memoriam Diesel

2012-02-04 – 2020-01-23 He was loving, loyal, a real english gentleman and he packed more life into his eight years than some adult humans have in their entire lives. And that makes it seem all the more unfair that he got only eight years with us! I just would like to say big thank you […]