In memoriam Flopy

So….when we say….once in a lifetime dog…. definitely he was, my legend…all my dog friends, non dog friends and all my colleagues know this name!

Without him I would have never met my close friends, father, godmother and godfather of my son, never know my true love, which I thought would never come, and never be part of this sometimes hard but wonderfull dogworld!

He has started my carrier as a breeder he has teached me how to handle a great show dog, teached me that dogshow is a game what we are playing together and breeding is an art, where his lines are my brush!

He was always free and happy, he was always on my side…..if I felt sad he was my smile, if I cried he was my comfort and if someone broked my heart, I could use his, to live! After 13 years… together… now I have to say goodbye him, Rest in peace Flopy……take care with Diesel to each other now!