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Süli Krisztina

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Story of the Bonett Bride kennel

I have wanted to have a dog since I was a child. Unfortunately our family circumstances had not made it possible for me for long but then, after my successful school-leaving and entrance exam I became a student at Kaposvar Animal Science University where the Students’ Local Government ensured the opportunity for the students to keep dogs in kennels.

After being admitted for the university, my mother realised my dream. We chose a breeder and our first golden retriever was born on 2003-07-14 (Nádbereki Rubin Bella). We picked up a puppy and took her home. We gave her the name Boni and she has become our family member. Boni became “a rst-year-student”with me together. Her presence made it easier for me to part from my family and my parents and she was my only and best mate on the lonely days, she helped me to get over homesick and made my weekdays happy – in one word: she has become a real friend. We fought off illnesses together, we learnt and went out together, we were inseparable. She helped me to learn what it means to look after and take responsibility for somebody who is very important to me.

After a year I entered her to the rst show and then to more and more ones. We became members of the Golden Retriever Club, we got to know more and more people, went for hunting, to exams and shows gaining lots of experiences.

Due to my experiences gained at the shows and during my study at university we decided to get an other dog besides Boni. We chose O ‘Neil’s breeder (this is how we called our newcomer) more carefully as Boni has often been ill. O’Neil (Bossa Nova de Ria Vela) has been so different from Boni! She has never been ill, but always happy, clever, playful and as it turned out later she is a very good mum too. Regarding this, I would like to emphasize how important it is which kennel to choose a puppy from. The phrase is true in this case too: “The cheap is expensive!”

Time ew away and I graduated from university as well. Shows at home and abroad -all over Europe- lots of success that we have achieved and that have made us proud and happy. Of course there were also hard days and failures but all that only gave me more power to the next challenges! Then the rst litter came, and then the other one. I cannot say what a feeling it is to assist a whelping, to ght for the pups and to watch then growing up and seeing their success in the show rings.

I made lots of friends during these years. But there were also bad moments, envious looks but we must not deal with them! The love of our dogs, the achieved results and the secure family background compensates me for everything! Nothing can be more fantastic than getting home from work I am welcome by my happy dogs who always love me and are always ready to play. Nowadays I can be proud of my own-bred dogs. I always plan my planned matings very watchfully and consciously.

I would underline some of our big successes: everything began in 2011 when Bonett Bride Blue Moon “Grace” won the reserve CC i.e. she became the second most beautiful female at the English Championship Show. Only one who has already shown a dog in England knows what a nice result it is. Bonett Bride Double Decker “Flopy” won the European winner & BOB titles in the same year at the European Dog Show in Holland becoming the most beautiful Golden retriever of Europe in 2011. Flopy`s son Bonett Bride Caffe Machiato “Enzo” followed in his father`s footsteps by gaining the European Winner title in 2012. Bonett Bride Energy Source “Diesel” and Bonett Bride Especially Dry “Dry” won the Double Junior World Winner titles in 2013 in Hungary. This was an unutterable feeling for me as breeder and owner too, something similar has not happened many times in the history of the Golden retriever breeding either abroad or inland. The English Cruft`s Show in 2014 has crowned our successes. Bonett Bride Especially Dry won her class at the biggest and most acclaimed show archieving a Cruft`s qualication for life.
I could list all our results -without being conceited but you can nd all info about them on my website. Theoretically not long time has passed since the Kennel Bonett Bride was founded but still I feel that we have got to very high. The road was not smooth at all but we overcame all the obstacles. We learnt a lot from our own mistakes and from the ones of others and a few real and honest friendship were made during the years which are irreplaceable! Certainly life is not only about shows and exams. Our life is completed by happy holidays, huntings, journeys in the company of our dogs- of course!

My MOTHER has been the one, who has made it all possible, the very beginning and her continous support and help. She has never given up and has always helped me with everything! In return for all that – she says – I tought her not be afraid of dogs and through this she has also become an other person.

I wish each my reader to be able to realise all that I wanted to tell you in the company of a nice, healthy dog!

Süli Krisztina

 – Dec. 2015 –